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Do you feel torn between your love of a woman and your self respect? Do you feel like they are being stretched on the rack or hung on a cross? Are you in danger of losing your wife and kids and everything you have worked for, everything that makes life meaningful?
I know how you feel. I’ve been there. I was on my knees. I carry the scars. I’ve been to Hell and back, stared into the abyss, tasted the lash and been immersed in the acid bath… for Love of a woman. I even got so desperate at the height of my crisis that I made a clumsy attempt at suicide – just to shut off the pain and despair of losing my wife and child. Luckily I couldn’t even get that right and I am here to tell the tale… and point you to the doorways that I unlocked once I found THE KEY TO HAPPINESS.
    I want to give it to you…
Is it worth fighting for your marriage? Absolutely! Think of this: Divorce is disastrous for everyone. Divorce can cripple your family’s wealth, destroying everything you’ve busted your arse for since Day 1. It can have a dramatic affect on your children, leaving them feeling abandoned and setting them up for relationship problems of their own in the future. And it doesn’t deliver on its biggest promise: greater happiness for at least one party.
People who bail out are no happier than those who stay and fight for their marriage, according to University of Chicago studies in the 1980s and 1990s. Divorce is not the answer in most cases. And because the problems travel with each partner into new relationships, it’s better to stay put and solve the problem. Second and third marriages fall apart faster and more often than first marriages. It’s no contest!
What makes me an expert? One thing. Listen to this: I had a strange thing happen to me one morning – something amazing happened to me… like Mel Gibson in the movie “What Women Want.” I was jolted into another dimension. Suddenly I could understand the way women thought and felt. It was like I could hear them thinking and see them feeling feelings! I used my new eyes and ears to salvage my relationship with my wife. It worked! The revelation stunned me. The biggest problem in my life was solved!
I called it my ‘brain explosion’. It’s officially called an ‘epiphany’ or burst of insight. Apparently 5% of the population are capable of having it happen to them. I’d never heard of it before it happened to me.
Here’s what happened: I was sitting over by the window, having just finished meditating for half an hour. Louisa, my wife, was sitting opposite me, still meditating. We’d been practicing meditation for six years – spending half an hour each morning and evening just relaxing, with eyes closed, repeating some special sounds (a mantra) in our minds. It is deeply relaxing and your mind can sometimes slip into a special zone where insights and inspirations can happen.
I was sitting there, singing silently in my mind the words of a song I wrote when my wife and I were separated for a year after the birth of our first child - she left me for another man three months after the baby was born. That’s was 26 years before. The pain of it still haunted me to that day. During these dark days I wrote a lot of songs as a way of dealing with the pain. The words of one of them were running through my mind seconds before the ‘incident’ that changed my life forever. The lyrics of the last verse include the lines:
… the sound of someone crying
In my empty, open room.
When I wrote the song all those years ago I never knew who was doing the crying - it could have been one of the many girls I fell in and out of love with during my separation. It could have been me. But at that instant, while day-dreaming about some old lyrics, I was shocked by a startling vision! It was a human heart, floating in the air before my eyes. And it was pulsing. There were two small hands cupped around it, to protect it. Then a curtain of tears appeared behind it, like a waterfall… And I could hear faint crying, sort of sobbing.
I knew instantly that the one crying in my empty, open room was Louisa, my wife. And I knew instantly, without being told, that the reason she had treated me so cruelly and left in the first place was because she needed to seek elsewhere for the love I could not give her - True Love.
Suddenly I knew, without being told, everything about Louisa's longing to be loved. But more than that, I knew instantly about every woman's longing to be loved. Every woman’s longing for True Love. It was like an entire wing of a library was thrown open in my mind. I could see and feel people needing love. I saw how we men have been hoodwinked into accepting second-rate emotion for Love. And I saw how little we men knew about the inner life of woman.
    Learn the 10 Eternal Laws of Marriage and you become master of your own destiny.
“SHE’S NICER TO BE WITH” - “It was hard to put down. When I did put it down I started using the techniques and my wife noticed immediately. She’s puzzled, but very happy. And she is nicer to be with, much nicer.” 54 year-old CEO of multinational tech firm
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